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About Us

Sensei Mark Englehart

His karate journey began in 2001 at the Campbellford Karate dojo, under the guidance of Sensei Brian McCutcheon. He earned his black belt in 2006, becoming the first white belt from the dojo to reach that milestone. The next year, Sensei Mark began teaching the kids karate classes, and by 2011, he was teaching all of the classes at the dojo.

As Sensei Mark continued to learn, he sharpened his skills and knowledge with the help of Monty Guest. That dedication paid off, with him earning his second-degree black belt in 2009, followed by his third-degree in 2014. As he continues his journey, we are delighted to have him guiding us along the way!


Our Dojos

In June 2013, Sensei Mark was presented with an opportunity to open Trent Hills Martial Arts, in Campbellford. With a passion for the art and a commitment to fostering a supportive community, Sensei Mark embarked on this journey to share the benefits of martial arts with students of all ages.


In 2019, Sensei Mark supported Sensei Jeff Darrington with the transition of instructors at the Brighton Martial Arts dojo. This transition has allowed us to continue to offer martial arts training to a broader community of students across the region.

Meet the Instructors

Meet our dedicated Senseis and instructors who help Sensei Mark teach our students

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