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Frequently Asked Questions

Joining/First Class

What age groups do you cater to?

We have separate kids and teen/adult classes. Our kids classes are generally appropriate for children between the ages of 4 and 12. The Teen and adult classes are for individuals 12 and older.

Do I need prior experience to join?

Whether this is your first class or you have trained some style of martial arts everyone is welcome in our dojo. Drop in for a class and see if our dojo is a good fit for you.

What should I expect in my first class? 

Get more information on what to bring to your first class and expect by visiting our First Class page. 

Attending Class

What should I wear or bring to class?

New Students:

If you are new to our classes, we recommende wearing comfortable workout clothes and bringing a water bottle. For more details, visit our First Class page.

Regular Students:

For those attending regularly, wearing a gi (karate uniform) to class in encouraged. Gis can be purchased through the dojo or independently.

What equipment is needed for class?

We have sparring gear that students can borrow for sparring classes if they do not have their own.

We also have weapons available for student to borrow during classes when they are required. As you progress, you may find it beneficial to have your own equipment for home practice and to become more acquainted with them.

Are there different levels of classes for beginners and advanced students?

Our classes are divided by age but not belt level since younger students learn differently than teenagers and adults. The classes do encompass all belt levels since in karate we learn from each other and one of the best ways to learn is by teaching others

How often should I attend?

How often you should attend will depend on your goals, how much you practice at home, and your other activities outside of the dojo. We have students that attend once a week and others that attend regularly. Students are welcome to attend both the Campbellford and Brighton dojos if they wish to attend more classes. Attending regularly will provide a more rounded martial arts learning experience.

What style of martial arts do you teach?

Our dojos teach Shotokan Karate, a Japanese style of martial arts. We have also recently started offering Muay Thai classes in Brighton.

If you are interested in Jiu-Jitsu, Campbellford Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uses our Campbellford dojo for classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. See their information here.

Cost and Fees

How much do classes cost?

Our classes are are drop-in without contracts or commitment requirements and cost $7 per class.

Are there additional fees?

There are three additional costs to martial arts training:

  1. Grading - when you are ready to test and advance to your next belt there is a fee associated with the grading that must be paid. The cost ranges from $30-$100 depending on the belt level.

  2. Tournaments and Events - should you choose to participate in special tournaments and events there is a participation fee to help cover the costs.

  3. Equipment and gi - if you find that you would like to have your own gi or equipment and weapons there will be a cost in purchasing these. Sensei can often get a discounted price from what is publicly available but you are free to purchase these items independently.

Other Questions

Will I be required to spar other students?

Sparring is strongly encouraged as it teaches timing, distancing, technique, and focus, while responding under stress. During classes where sparring is the focus we usually engage in various drills to practice our sparring strategies. When we reach the sparring portion of class students, can choose whether they would like to watch or participate. We do practice touch/point sparring while wearing sparring gear to reduce the likelihood of injury. 

In our Muay Thai classes, sparring involves a higher level of intensity. Students are required to have additional sparring gear to protect against injury. 

In all classes, students are encouraged to communicate with their partner if the intensity is too much. We are here to help each other learn, not to intimidate or injure.

All sparring activities are conducted under the supervision of an instructor and are not permitted at other times.

Is there a belt grading system, and how does it work?

We do have a coloured belt rank system to help students set achievement goals and for instructors to know what students know and what they are learning.

When students have demonstrated that they are ready to grade by learning the required skills and attending classes regularly, Sensei will set a grading time with them to test their knowledge.

Are there tournaments or special events?

We strongly encourage everyone to participate in tournaments and seminars as part of their martial arts training. Participating provides a valuable learning experience and an opportunity to test your skills under pressure in a new environment. Upcoming tournaments and seminars will be announced in class.

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